Buddy is what we need!

Buddy is the next meme token in the space, most transparent and community based token, to take meme space to the next level, Easy 1000x Token, Try and Experience this Moon Shot as your Best $Buddy

About $BUDDY

$Buddy proves to be best $Buddy in the space. all meme able coin, to get the friendship going, with zero taxes and no bullshit.

We have 0 taxes. We just need $Buddy! More Buddies

Tokenomics of $Buddy

100% of $Buddy goes to the Liquidity Pool.


0 Buy Tax. 0 Sell Tax. We hate taxes! Fuck taxes!

$Buddy Bot

We take the power of memes to the next level. Now Track your Wallet or any Other wallet in the space to take care of your assets in the Vulenerable World, Buddy Wallet Tracker Bot is in Beta Stage Right Now, Full Fledged Bot will Available Soon!!!!!!!! We are all memes. Meme explosion.!

Becoming the Best $Buddy in the Space


$Buddy is a meme coin with roadmap for utilities to bring value to its investors. There is a formal and experienced team with roadmap.Making more Buddies in the world.

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